Our Business Areas

We are organised into three business units – Consumer Tissue, Personal Care and Professional Hygiene – to serve customers ranging from consumers to corporations to hospitals to aged care facilities to small businesses. Each business unit is responsible for its own profits and losses while also working collaboratively to contribute to each other’s success.

Consumer Tissue

Through our Consumer Tissue division we manufacture and market a number of leading consumer brands including Sorbent toilet and facial tissue, Handee paper towel, Deeko disposable tableware, Purex toilet tissue and Treasures nappies (New Zealand only).


Personal Care

Through our Personal Care division we manufacture and market leading personal hygiene products under the Libra feminine hygiene brand and the TENA incontinence brand. Specifically through our TENA brand we partner with the Healthcare sector to provide a range of innovative and market-leading incontinence products, systems and services. At TENA we are driven to make a real difference in people’s lives through world leading products and support. As thought leaders, partnering with industry and healthcare professionals is integral to delivering our promise across multiple channels, be it in the aged care sector, homecare or pharmacy.

Professional Hygiene

Our Professional Hygiene business delivers Tork hygiene solutions to the commercial, public, health care, food service and industrial segments. We supply dispensers, paper towels, toilet tissue, soaps, napkins and industrial and kitchen wipers under the global Tork brand. Through customer understanding and expertise in hygiene and sustainability, Tork has become a market leader in both washroom and napkin solutions.

Pacific Islands 

In addition to our three business units, Asaleo Care is also well represented in the Pacific Islands both by the distribution of a wide range of Consumer Tissue, Tork Professional Hygiene and Personal Care products, and by the presence of a manufacturing site near Suva in Fiji. The Fijian plant employs approximately 100 people and produces toilet rolls, kitchen towel, serviettes and facial tissues. The local brands Orchid and Viti are well known and enjoy market leadership in the Pacific Islands region.

orchid viti tena tork