Our Purpose and Values

Our Purpose:

We have a purpose: To make it easier for hygiene, health and wellbeing to be part of everyday life.

Our purpose makes clear to our people what we are in the business of delivering to our consumers.  Through our products and brands we focus on delivering functional personal care and hygiene solutions, which lead to improved health outcomes and ultimately the enhanced wellbeing of our consumers.  We take a holistic approach; it is not just about making great products to address our consumers' needs.  It is also about listening to, educating and informing consumers about hygiene and health solutions.

Taking Care:

Our purpose is underpinned by an ethos of  'Taking Care'.  Taking care is at the heart of what we do.  When we talk about 'taking care' we mean how we take care of each other, the broader community, our customers, our partners, our shareholders and the environment.

Our Values:

In our approach to 'taking care' we embrace three values - Pride - Integrity - Courage. Our values reflect what is important to our Company and our people.  These values help to strenghten and clarify how we talk about ourselves and help to define what is expected of each one of us.