Asaleo Care announces its partnership with REDcycle to reduce plastic packaging in landfill

23 Oct 2018


 Reducing plastic waste is high on the agenda for most countries, as well as our own Company. Plastic is key when it comes to protecting vulnerable products from damage caused by moisture, humidity, gases, insects and light and contamination.

What’s important is how you manage the balance between necessary use and waste reduction.

To do our part to reduce plastic waste, Asaleo Care has partnered with REDcycle, a Melbourne based recycling organisation which established a voluntary, industry-led initiative known as the REDcycle Program. REDcycle is also a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant.   

“We’re working hard to keep our soft plastic packaging out of landfill. We’re committed to reduce waste and make packaging more sustainable. It’s a top priority for our customers and consumers – and for us. In this initiative, we’re focussed on flexible packaging materials,” said Jane Mansfield, Quality, Environment and Sustainability Manager, Australiasia.

“We aim to design our packaging so it’s recyclable and through our support of soft plastics recycling programs such as REDcycle, our packaging can be recoverable as well. Soft plastics recycling is a first step towards a circular economy. We’re proud to support this critical program.”

Consumers of any of our products can now recycle all soft plastic packaging, including any plastic bags, at a REDcycle location nearest to them. Collected plastic is sent to a recycling manufacturer where it is made into more than 200 recycled plastic products such as bollards, outdoor furniture, fitness equipment and decking. 

To make it easy to find a REDcycle bin, go to the REDcycle website where you can match your location, based on postal code, to your closest drop off point. Where to drop my soft plastic?

Coles and Woolworths have also teamed up with REDcycle to provide bins within their stores where shoppers can drop off their soft plastics. 

The REDcycle program compliments Asaleo Care’s partnership with the Tread Lightly program in New Zealand which educates school children about soft plastics recycling and establishes recovery systems in schools. We are also a member of the Love NZ Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme and represented on the Steering Committee by Jane Mansfield.

What can be REDcycled?

Do the scrunch test! And make sure your plastic is dry and as empty as possible. 


REDcycle has a full list of items that can be recycled. But here’s a quick guide of some of the most commonly recycled items.



We can't accept:

     Plastic bottles

     Plastic containers

     Any rigid plastic such as meat trays, biscuit trays or strawberry punnets



     Paper and cardboard

     Tin cans

     Food waste

*If it can't be accepted by REDcycle, contact your local council to check if it can go in your roadside collection bin.