Tork provides big savings for little customers

26 Jun 2014

Little hands get messy. And when you have 118 pairs of little hands to keep clean every day, like at the Arundel Creative Garden Early Learning Centre in Queensland, you need a hand towel that is quick, easy and most of all, efficient.

The Tork® Mini Multifold Hand Towel is half the size of regular towels and comes in a compact dispenser for little hands to use. Arundel centre director, Karlien Kerr first saw the Tork hand towel at a childcare conference in Queensland last year and knew it was what she’d been looking for. “The Tork Mini (Multifold) Hand Towels are half the size, so they’re perfect for kids hands and I could see straight away that they would help us achieve our sustainability goals.”

Kerr ordered the Tork Mini Multifold Hand Towel for all six children’s washrooms and has been delighted by the savings. “Children always take two towels, one for each hand,” explains Kerr. “We used to use full sized adult towels which was more than little hands needed. By changing to half sized Tork towels we have reduced wastage and costs.”

Tork Soft Folded Toilet Paper also helps out in the children's washrooms as the pre-cut sheets are easier for beginners to use and Tork Mild Foam Soap has significantly reduced usage. "We’re getting a lot more hand-washes out of each cartridge," remarks Kerr. "It foams up so it looks like there is a lot more volume so kids and staff don’t use as much."

Tork products have been placed throughout the centre with the full sized Tork Xpress® Multifold Hand Towel and Tork Soft Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll in the staff bathroom. "We seem to go through a lot less toilet paper, the jumbo roll is more economical and we don’t need to change it as often," says Kerr.

Tork even helps out in the kitchenette area at Creative Gardens where the Tork Moisturising Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitiser keeps hands germ free.

"We’ve been really pleased with how the Tork products have helped us with sustainability," says Kerr. “Reducing usage and waste is important in childcare for accreditation but also to demonstrate to the children that we care and are doing the right thing by reducing waste.”