Asaleo Care Launches Workplace Flexibility

02 Aug 2017

Asaleo Care has officially launched its approach to workplace flexibility across the Company.

 “Working flexibly is one of the building blocks that will help us create a more inclusive and diverse workplace. We are all different and by embracing our differences, we are able to solve key business problems and harness new ideas and innovation that will build an even stronger and better company,” said Peter Diplaris, CEO and Managing Director of Asaleo Care.

 “We recognize the importance of allowing employees who need greater flexibility the opportunity to balance their personal commitments with their work responsibilities and still achieve the business results we need to succeed,” he said.

 Mr Diplaris says by offering workplace flexibility, “we are able to retain employees who have the skills we need as well as attract new talent to Asaleo Care.” 

 To learn more, a video clip about the Company’s workplace flexibility approach, featuring some employees who are already working flexibly, can be viewed HERE on LinkedIn or HERE on Facebook