LIBRA selected by Victorian Government for its public schools initiative

11 Sep 2019

Asaleo Care today announced it has been selected by the Victorian Government’s Department of Education and Training as the exclusive supplier to the State’s initiative to provide universal access to sanitary pads and tampons free of charge to public school students across Victoria.

The Company will provide the mix of LIBRA pads and tampons through dispensers installed in more than 1,500 public schools. Dispensers will be regularly replenished and maintained by Asaleo Care.

“We’re pleased to partner with the Victorian Government for this important Australia-first initiative,” said Sid Takla, CEO and Managing Director of Asaleo Care.

“As a leader in feminine care and the only manufacturer in Australia for over 40 years, LIBRA has supported young girls and women with vital education and the highest quality, innovative products that adhere to Australian standards,” he said.

New research conducted on behalf of Asaleo Care in 2019 revealed that 3 in 4 women in Australia believe there is still a stigma attached to periods with 80% of women admitting to hiding their period – at home, at work and at school. For young girls, their shame of menstruation is so bad that almost 70% per cent would rather fail a subject at class than have their peers know they are on their period, with almost 20% saying they would rather be bullied than have their peers know.

Caitlin Patterson, Executive General Manager, Retail said: “Libra has challenged the taboo around periods for many decades, with our latest Blood Normal campaign addressing the issue head on. We’re delighted to support this important Victorian government initiative to tackle period stigma and help remove barriers to getting the best education possible.”

The Government contract is to commence in Term 3 of the 2019 Victorian school year and run for a 4-year period until 2023.