Asaleo Care sets a new approach to Gender Diversity and Inclusion

02 Sep 2016

Asaleo Care has launched their approach to Gender Diversity and Inclusion, including membership to the National Association of Women in Operations (NAWO).

At today’s launch, Peter Diplaris, Asaleo Care CEO, said “We are striving to build a workplace culture that embraces diversity and realises the value of inclusive leadership. With greater diversity comes the ability to solve key business problems and innovate and is another lever to improve business performance. A key step to achieving this will be increasing representation of females in leadership positions."

“As an organisation, we realise that diversity has many facets but our initial focus will be on gender with a view to embracing other opportunities to increase diversity in the future,” said Mr Diplaris.

The Company has established a set of targets, which have been endorsed by the Board, to help achieve a more gender diverse workforce. These are:

  • Appointing at least two female members to the Executive Lead Team by 2018.
  • 33% female representation on the Senior Leadership Team by 2018.
  • Identify high-potential women in the Company and providing targeted development and/or mentoring to support their career advancement within the Company.
  • Reviewing Company policies and approaches to determine if there are any impediments and/or opportunities to building a stronger pipeline of female leaders.

The Company is aiming to achieve these targets by developing more females, appointing more females to leadership positions based on merit, and removing barriers in the workplace to allow for increased female participation.  A number of initiatives have commenced to support this including the establishment of the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group (DIWG) chaired by Peter Diplaris with employee representatives from Asaleo Care’s three regions being Australia, New Zealand the Pacific Islands.

The Company also launched their membership to the NAWO. NAWO is the peak body championing women in operations and aims to inspire and support organisations to create inclusive workplaces, to attract and retain the best talent and reach their chosen objectives.

Louise Weine, NAWO’s National Director was a guest speaker at today’s event.  Louise said, “It is wonderful to be both welcoming Asaleo Care into the NAWO network and participating in the launch of Asaleo Care’s Gender and Inclusion strategy today. NAWO looks forward to supporting Asaleo Care in its efforts to achieve a more gender diverse workforce profile, to attract the best possible talent to deliver its desired business results.”

Photograph: CEO Peter Diplaris (centre) and members of Asaleo Care's new Diversity and Inclusion Working Group.