Libra launches ‘Silver September’

01 Sep 2014

Libra is delighted to have announced the launch of ‘Silver September’, an inaugural campaign in partnership with the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) to raise awareness of ovarian cancer, and funds for an early detection test.

The four-week campaign aims to develop a month synonymous with ovarian cancer awareness and fundraising.

Silver September calls upon OCRF and Libra communities to contribute silver coins over the duration of September, and is based on the notion that spare silver change can create big change for the future of women and ovarian cancer.

“We’ve developed a campaign specifically for the social media space, using a platform young women frequent to impart knowledge and encourage engagement through a series of engaging Facebook challenges,” explains Carla Gilbert, Senior Brand Manager – Libra.

Additionally, the campaign encourages users to donate via a unique text function — tapping into young female behaviour to ensure ovarian cancer awareness among younger generations.

“Silver September not only empowers through knowledge and facts on ovarian cancer, but also makes donations to the OCRF really achievable for young women,” Carla continues.


“It really is as easy as jumping on Facebook and counting the coins in your purse.  We’re bringing the sisterhood together by calling on Libra’s 157,000 Facebook fans through weekly interactive challenges to help spread knowledge about ovarian cancer and raise funds for OCRF.” she added.

The social campaign is supported by a range of silver events women can take part in during September — encouraging discussion on ovarian cancer in the real world as well as online.

Liz Heliotis, OCRF CEO and Co-Founder said: “The launch of Silver September represents an exciting start to greater contributions and awareness through Libra. The month gives women a specific time to take control, talk about the illness and change the future for women. And that’s exciting.”

Details on Silver September can be found on Libra’s Facebook page, and the OCRF website.