Our new Tork toilet roll dispenser system is the smartest one yet

25 Nov 2014

When faced with crowds of up to 42,000 cricket fans, running out of toilet paper thanks to vandalism or pilferage is not something you want to think about. But it is always a concern for anyone who deals with large capacity public washrooms.        

The Gabba Stadium in Brisbane is the first business to trial and place the new Tork® SmartOne® system in Australia and New Zealand. Clever design and durable materials make Tork SmartOne the most economical, secure toilet roll dispenser in the Tork range. Which is why the Gabba has installed them in more than 380 cubicles in time for the busy cricket season. SmartOne will help to reduce consumption and wastage but also improve security and ease of use. And with such large crowds, an expected 40 percent reduction in toilet paper consumption adds up to significant savings.

In fact according to research[1], the SmartOne toilet roll dispenser reduces consumption by up to 40 percent due to its unique one at a time dispensing mechanism. It also increases hygiene as you only touch the sheet you take, while the built-in SmartCore™ technology guarantees every last sheet is used so there's no leftover wastage. The dispensers are also shock and tamper proof, fire resistant and lockable.

“For large public washrooms, you need economical systems that are robust and easy to maintain. And for hygiene critical washrooms you want a system that helps reduce the risk of cross contamination. The SmartOne system ticks both of these boxes,” explains Rochelle Lake, Head of Marketing at Tork Professional Hygiene. “We’re proud to say that at The Gabba, the only run-outs will be on the field!”

A new toilet roll dispensing system that combines durability, function and savings with style - now that's smart.

[1] When compared to a standard jumbo toilet roll according to internal European research with 7,729 users.