Tork helps Dracula’s washrooms look wicked

25 Aug 2014

Appearance is everything at Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurants. From the pulsing purple neon entrance to the horror film inspired characters, every detail is designed to create a mythical, macabre ambience. Black is the signature colour throughout the establishment, even in the washrooms, which have recently had a midnight makeover from the Tork Elevation black dispenser range. 

“We had a mismatched range of brands and products and I wanted to streamline ordering and improve appearances,” reveals Luke Newman, Project Development Manager at Dracula’s. “I searched around and found the Tork products looked the best, offered the most premium solution for our budget, and suited our business requirements,” says Newman.

Of course it helped that the entire Tork Elevation dispenser range came in glossy black. “The dispensers look great on the walls,” says Newman. “So do the bins. We love the way they are mounted off the floor to ensure easy cleaning of the floors. And how the bag is contained within the unit, so it looks neat.”

Dracula’s showcases some of Australia’s finest performers so naturally they expect the products they use to perform at a high level as well. Tork is fulfilling that expectation across many areas. “We are refilling the Tork Foam Soap Dispensers far less than our old dispensers. The cartridges last longer, and are quick and easy to change,” Newman claims. “The Tork Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser has a double roll which means our customers never get stuck without a toilet roll! We refill only when the roll has run out, which saves money and is good for the environment,” adds Newman.

No stranger to sustainability, another deciding factor for choosing Tork was the FSC® accreditation and the reduced waste and consumption on offer. “Sustainability was definitely a consideration. We were throwing out rolls of toilet paper and hand towel that still had a little left because we didn't want the rolls to run out on our customers, now, we don't throw out any products - there is no waste at all. In addition, the FSC accreditation means we are helping do our bit for the environment,” says Newman.

Tork, it seems, has helped this iconic performance venue perform even better!