Sorbent is one of New Zealand's best-known and loved brands of toilet tissue. Sorbent is a brand that consumers have grown up with and continues to go from strength to strength. 

Sorbent Toilet Tissue:

Sorbent’s extra thick toilet tissue is the perfect balance of softness and strength that is hard to beat.  Sorbent Silky White is available in standard rolls and also as a long roll for those that want to change the roll less often.  The Sorbent Hypo-allergenic range is also available for sensitive skin and contains no inks, dyes or fragrances.

Sorbent Facial Tissues:

Sorbent facial tissue is a premium soft tissue. Available in Silky White, Thick & Large varients, Hypo-Allergenic and Menthol with Eucalyptus - there’s something for everyone!

Sorbent Flushable Wipes:

Sorbent Silky White Flushable Wipes leave you feeling clean and fresh every time you use them. Our Silky White flushable wipes are made with Aloe Vera and organic Vitamin E and our Hypo-Allergenic varient is ink, dye and fragrance free. Easily flushable. Recommended use is no more than two wipes per flush.

Sorbent Customer Enquiries:
Telephone: 0800 108 901 (New Zealand) 
Email address: