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Luxury, softness and sustainability has always been at the core of *Sorbent. Our collection offers toilet tissue, facial tissue and flushable wipes.

*Sold in New Zealand only

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Sorbent Toilet Tissue:

Sorbent toilet tissue is a 3-ply premium toilet paper made in New Zealand using renewable energy in the form of geothermal steam in the paper making process. Sorbent toilet tissue is available in both ‘Long Roll’ and ‘Thick and Large’ roll sizes. Along with Silky White, Sorbent has Hypo-allergenic variants which are ink, dye and fragrance free making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Sorbent Facial Tissues:

Sorbent tissues are a touch of comfort and luxury. Our collection includes a premium everyday tissue along with lotionised variants with soothing properties and convenient pack sizes.

Sorbent Flushable Wipes:

Sorbent Flushable Wipes leave you feeling clean and fresh every time you use them. Our Silky White flushable wipes are made with Aloe Vera and organic Vitamin E and our Hypo-Allergenic variant is ink, dye and fragrance free. Easily flushable. Recommended use is no more than two wipes per flush.

Sorbent Customer Enquiries:
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