Our ability to continue operating is dependent on understanding and managing our health, safety and sustainability issues, risks and impacts. 

Through consideration of the social, environmental and economic issues surrounding our industry we not only recognise the need to operate in a responsible manner and continuously improve. We also look to how our actions can more broadly positively impact on our business, community and the world. 

In 2015, in accordance with the Australian Securities Exchange Corporate Governance Council’s recommendations, we identified the key sustainability issues that are most pertinent to our business through a materiality assessment. The assessment involved a review of Company policies, commitments and internal risk registers, management interviews and workshops and external stakeholder interviews. It also took into account peer benchmarking, a review of non-government organisations and industry publications and campaigns. As a result of that assessment, a number of social, environmental and economic issues relevant to the business were identified. Whilst these are not considered to pose a material risk to the Company, the key material sustainability issues identified are outlined below.