Environmental Policy

At Asaleo Care, taking care is central to everything we do. For us, taking care means understanding the needs of others, developing new solutions and innovative products to meet those needs. Our values – Integrity, Courage and Pride – are reflected in all that we do.

Our sustainability goal is to help support a more sustainable society through our products and business operations.

We will achieve this through our commitment to:

  • Identify the key sustainability issues pertinent to our business and manage them through our policies, systems, programs and targets.

  • Manage our business in a responsible manner that protects the environment and continuously improves our performance.

  • Comply fully with all applicable environmental regulations and internationally recognised voluntary standards.

  • Prevent pollution to amenity, air, land and water.

  • Monitor and manage the use of energy and water resources, and the generation of greenhouse gas emissions, across our operations.

  • Support sustainable supply chains in accordance with our Responsible Forestry and Fibre Sourcing Policy.
  • Consider the sustainability of our products over their entire life cycle, particularly as they relate to the renewability and recyclability of materials.
  • Challenge ourselves to improve continually the Environmental Management System to enhance our environmental performance.
  • Anticipate, understand and respond to the changing needs of our interested parties, especially our customers and consumers.
  • Maintain transparent and open communications about the environmental sustainability of our operations and supply chain, and demand the same from our suppliers and subcontractors.