Sustainable Packaging Policy


Packaging plays a critical role in protecting our products and ensuring they reach our customers in premium condition. But used packaging can create an environmental challenge for our customers.  Inadequate recycling infrastructure contributes to the problem with only 58 per cent of paper and 14 per cent of plastic recycled globally[1]. One solution is to ensure all packaging materials are technically recyclable.

Our goal is to achieve 100 per cent recyclable packaging by 2025 guided by our policy principles where:

  • Excessive packaging is avoided or reduced

  • Packaging is recyclable

  • Materials with improved sustainability are selected

  • Compostable plastic is avoided where it could present a significant contamination risk to material recycling systems

We also recognise improving the recycling infrastructure requires collaboration both up and down the supply chain and across industries.  Asaleo Care participates as a Steering Committee Member of the Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme in New Zealand and a partner of the RedCycle Program in Australia, a recovery initiative for post-consumer soft plastic.

To learn more and see our KPIs, download the sustainability section of Annual Report 2019.  

[1] Ellen MacArthur Foundation, ‘The New Plastics Economy’, 2016, p17.