Switch your customers to new Tork Carry Packs to make their work a little easier

30 Jul 2014

Seeing cleaners struggle to carry and handle traditional cardboard cartons of hand towels made us realise how we could make their work a little easier. We have repackaged our most popular Tork Advanced and Universal Slimline (H2) and Tork Advanced Ultraslim (H4) hand towels into new Tork® Carry Packs™.

Key points:

  • Tork Carry Packs are easier to carry, easier to use and easier to dispose of
  • Case counts will change but the price per sheet remains the same
  • More sheets per pallet saves you money with increased logistics efficiency
    – Improved pallet space utilisation of 36% on H2 and 50% on H4
  • Product codes will be shortened to 6 digits by simply removing the first digit
  • Product names will be improved and simplified
  • The sheet width of Tork Advanced Ultraslim will be standardised to 21cm
    (same as H2)