Environmental Product Declarations

Asaleo Care is setting the benchmark for sustainable tissue manufacturing through the release of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

EPDs for tissue products are unique in our Australian and New Zealand markets, and unlike our competitors, we have both quantified our environmental impacts and disclosed this information publically for a range of products.

Data reported in an EPD is collected using an internationally recognised life cycle assessment methodology. It’s somewhat like a nutritional chart for a product – providing relevant information from forest to final disposal. The product's whole value chain is analysed and reported upon. This transparency enables customers and consumers to make fully informed purchasing decisions.

The EPDs shine a light on the high proportion (up to 78%) of renewable energy embodied in Tork®, Purex® and Sorbent® toilet tissue and hand towel products included in the EPD. Impressively, this figure includes all energy used in the supply chain and manufacturing operations, all transport fuels and energy in waste treatment – in short, all energy through the full life of our products, from ‘cradle to grave.

By demanding EPDs on specified products, a business can ensure it understands the impact of the product it is procuring. And so, reduce the risk of any unexpected surprises and protect the reputation of their brand. Looking forward it will assist customers with their responsible procurement objectives and in addressing the new ISO14001 standards related to life cycle thinking.  

When combined with our Forest Stewardship Council® certification and Environmental Choice New Zealand licence, Asaleo Care's EPDs give decision makers in sustainable procurement an immediate, reliable, and non-judgmental way to evaluate our products. The products embodied energy, global warming potential, use of natural resources, emissions to air, soil and water, and waste generation are all available for review. The next step will come when more products carry EPDs and direct comparisons can be carried out. This will change the sustainable procurement landscape forever.

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